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Six Ways to Tell if Your Cat Loves You Back

My kitty is always showing me that he loves me. Here are some of the way that I have found he shows his love to me:

The Slow Blink
Sometimes, I will look over and just fall in love with my cat all over again as I watch him slowly and repeatedly blink, just gazing at me. This is often a look of love from kitties and it is a sign of affection from them.


This is my favorite way of my kitty returning his affection towards me. Cats actually purr by vibrating their vocal cords. Kitties often purr while they are in your lap or cuddled up beside you, until they finally go to sleep. It is very soothing for people as well, of course, and can even put them to sleep too. 😊

This one goes along with purring, and is sadly the more painful part of the signs of love from your kitty. Cats often knead you while on your lap, especially with a soft blanket or soft clothing. They often do that because they may see you as heir new mommy; when they were kittens, the kneaded the mommy kitty's tummy to get milk. Perhaps this is a remnant of that. Even though it is painful to feel those sharp claws kneading into your skin, it is actually a very sweet way that your kitty shows you some love.

They Follow You Everywhere
Wether to the toilet, or to the kitchen while cooking dinner, your kitty loves you enough to follow you everywhere (and drive you nuts!). When I know I am being followed by my cat, I have to hastily race to the bathroom in order to not allow them in there. If they make it in there, they get on the sink and open the cabinets and knock everything over. When I am cooking dinner, they swerve in and out from under my feet and trip me. Sometimes, however, I share the love back by giving them some chicken broth or something else from dinner I can give. After that, they are satisfied enough to go and take a nice nap.

They Bring You Presents
Kitties will often show you signs of love by bringing you presents from outside. When they have come in after a long night of playing and hunting, they proudly walk with their head up and bring in a dead, or half-dead, creature of some sort. They place it by your feet, come to find that you are not so pleased with this gift as they are. One of the more nastier signs of affection from kitties is definitely their special "gifts."

They Sleep with You
At the end of the day, I can always count on my sweet kitty to be my roommate at night when no one else is there. Before I turn out the light, I watch as my kitty purrs and kneads, while giving me a slow, loving blink. 

What greater gift than the love of a cat? - Charles Dickens



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